I’m having an issue with my delivery – who do I contact?

For any delivery or shipping queries please contact


What is the standard shipping time for my order?

Your order can take 2-3 business days to pack. See below for estimates on delivery times.

1-2 business days for metropolitan areas & 3-7 days for provincial areas.

3-4 business days for metropolitan areas & 4-8 days for provincial areas.

4-6 business days for metropolitan areas & 6-9 days for provincial areas.

6-8 business days for metropolitan areas & 8-12 days for provincial areas.


I placed an order but only part of my delivery has arrived?

Some orders are packed separately depending on size and weight. Please give an additional business day for the remaining order to arrive. If the delivery has not made its way to you after that please email


NORT Beers

My product was damaged during delivery can I get it replaced or a refund?

Please head to for any replacements or refunds. 


I want to purchase your NORT products but you don’t ship to my location – where can I purchase NORT?

check out our stockist list on our website to find out where you can purchase NORT at provided retailers. You can also purchase NORT products through these online stores: First Choice Liquor | Craft Zero | Booze Bud | Dan Murphy’s | Sans Drinks | Amazon


How many calories are in NORT?

Our whole NORT range is all under 60 total calories. NORT Refreshing Ale: 49 calories | NORT Pacific Ale: 49 calories | NORT XPA: 56 calories | NORT All Day IPA: 60 calories


What is used in the NORT recipe?

Malted Barley: Oats, Hops, Yeast, Hop Extracts


What’s the production process that removes the alcohol contents from NORT?

Instead of removing all the alcohol through a mechanical process and adding aroma and flavour to mimic beer, NORT is brewed like an alcoholic, full flavoured beer. The only difference is that we use a fermentation process that actually removes the alcohol. This means we are left with a product that contains less than 0.5% of alcohol but with all the aroma, mouthfeel and flavour of a beer!


Are all NORT flavors preservative free?

Yes our whole range is preservative-free 


What is the Alcohol content in your NORT products?
NORT is less than 0.5% alcohol. To put this in context, there is more alcohol in a glass of orange juice or a ripe banana than in a bottle or can of NORT.



Is there lactose in any of your NORT products?

No, there’s no lactose in any of our products. 


Is NORT gluten-free?

No, all of our NORT range contains a standard amount of gluten for beer.


Online Store

I am having trouble with purchasing on your online store?

If you’re having trouble purchasing anything on our online store please try refreshing your browser. Changing search engines (Safari to Google Chrome) also might help with the issue. If the problem persists please contact for assistance.

Our PArtners

Check out our friends that stock nort beer online

Free Spirit Drink Co


Can’t find your question anywhere?

Email for any other questions or queries.


NORT Nutritional Panels

NORT refreshing & pacific ale


NORT ipa



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